Bach on Portobello beach

Nick playing Bach on portobello beach

Nick playing Bach on portobello beach

The weather has been very nice to us recently and we tried to get the most out of it by hanging out on Portobello beach. Any time spent away from the computer is a gift to me nowadays. As we were lying on the sand trying to figure out how big is a bucket in which the number of sand particles equals to the number of people on Earth, suddenly a soft sound swam over in the air. Very familiar sound. Sound of a viola, that I have heard somewhere before. I mean this particular viola, not just any. Being a music instrument maker myself may help to recognise the sound of an instrument that I have heard before. I looked around and noticed a man playing it while sitting on the promenade not far from us.
“I take a photo of this guy” I told my family and picked up my camera. As I came closer I recognised not just the sound but the person too. Although we have not met before, I had taken photographs of him playing at one of the Balkanarama events about two years ago. (If you like balkan, gypsy or klezmer music, Balkanarama is an event you must see.) I introduced myself and took some photos while we had a nice chat about early music, or baroque if you like, which we found out was the favourite era in classical music for both of us. So this is Nick on Fuji Acros 100. I took some colour photographs as well, they are not developed yet. If they turn out ok, I might post another one later.
Edit: As I promised, here is a colour one on Portra 160:

Nick Portobello Edinburgh Kodak Portra 160

By Istvan